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Reflections of Your Soul 

Tarot Tips

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Tarot Tips

For Beginners

  1. Keep a journal - this allows you to go back and look to check for accuracy building trust in yourself as you interpret the cards, as well as noticing changes that you are making in your readings, progress.
  2. Books - It is always good to learn symbolism from the books. One of the things I did when I started out was to try and find my own meaning or story in the card first, write it in my journal and then go back and look at the books meaning to compare the two. It was fun and taught me a lot about trusting in my own instincts.
  3. Practice - Friends, family, strangers in the park :) OK, maybe not the strangers but for sure the friends and family and friends of your friends and family. The idea is to get as much practice in as possible. Once you start feeling a bit more comfortable ask a local establishment if you can come in one night a week and offer free readings or for a small fee. Just so you can get some practice.
  4. A card a day - This is a fun way to practice too. You can pick a card in the morning and ask for what you are going to need to help you through the day. Journal your card in the morning and then go back at night and journal how it helped you that day. Or you can pick a card at night and ask for help with the dream message that is going to come to you that night. The point is to experiment and have fun with this. I think there are one or two books on this subject. I will try to find out what they are and post them in a book reference section soon.
  5. Your starter deck - I suggest the Rider Wait deck for starters. More important is to feel comfortable with your deck. I suggest the Rider Wait for several reasons. First because there is so much information out there on this deck for you to learn from. Second because the symbolism is understandable. Third because a lot of other decks that you will more than likely be working with in the future are based on this deck.
  6. Prayer - I find it cleansing to pray as I shuffle. I pray for the person that I am reading for. That I may find the words that they can best understand to help them in what ever they need at this time. I invite their passed loved ones in to help with the reading. I ask for clarity of mind and heart for me. I ask for the highest and best for my client. Well, you get the idea. You do what feels right for you but I will suggest to always ask for light in your mind and love in your heart while reading. I find this time a transitional time for me. It gets me into reading mode. Now when I shuffle the cards it automatically begins to trigger my body to relax and open my center to the universal knowledge.
  7. Flip a card - flip a card and say the first thing that pops into your head then flip another and do the same thing. Keep flipping up to 5 or 10 cards, what ever feels right for you really. This is a fun exercise to do with a partner. It is always interesting to see how that first thing that jumps in your head when you flip a card relates to their life.

Many of these methods will help the beginner learn to trust themselves during a reading. I believe this to be the most important thing for you to learn to be a good tarot reader. It does tend to spill over into other areas of your life as you get good at it, trusting yourself that is. The idea is to be creative, have fun, and grow with spiritual awareness.

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